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Why won't my sore throat go away?

About three weeks ago I had a low grade fever and a sore throat to go with it. The next day my fever was gone but I still had the sore throat. All the while I was suffering from body aches. About four days later I went to the doctor and they gave me doxycycline (b/c I'm allergic to pennicillen). I took this for ten days and it cleared right up. Then, four days after I came off of the antibiotics my sore throat is back?!?!? It's mostly annoying now b/c I have no body aches and a cough VERY rarely... I did get a new cat right when all of this started? Is it possible to develop an allergy to animals later in life? Or do I suddenly have new allergies? Any ideas from anyone? I would love to get this over with! Thanks for the help.
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yes its possible to suddenly develop new allergies at any point in your life if your immune system isn't stable. they make shampoos and stuff to cut the dander your fuzzy friend gives off. try them and if your throat gets better its the cat. (if you can get puss used to the regular cleanings and be either diligent with the vacuum or get rid of your carpet you might be able to keep the cat even with a mild allergy.)
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it could be allergies or maybe mono? if you have not had this before it can present as sore throat that is ongoing but is also generally along with fever, and tiredness and you had fever, a mono spot test if you have it would show up positive 2 weeks after symptoms first apparantly.
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