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chronic cold

Hello there,

I have been sick with cold related symptoms since september.  It all started in sep. when I got bronchitis, so I was given a Z-pack.  It got better but I still continued to have phlegm and congestion.  Then I got a bladder infection in october and was given cipro.  Early November I got a sinus infection and a ear infection.  I was given amoxicillan then.  I got relatively better, but my symptoms have never gone away.  All through december I was constantly "dripping" from my nose, so that I can't go anywhere without a box of tissue because I am always blowing my nose.  The last couple days I've felt feverish and have had a persisting headache that will not cease even with copious amounts of water and advil.  I also have been feeling really tired, even a brisk walk down the hall of my office makes me feel winded.  Anyway, I don't know whats wrong with me, it feels like I've been sick for the most of the last 4 months!  Now it feels like things are starting to get worse again.  Does anyone know anything that can help me?  thanks!!!
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If you continued with symptoms after the Zpack, it could have been viral rather than bacterial in its cause.

Constant nasal drainage could be from rhinitis (either allergic or perennial non-allergic).  Nasal steroids can help, as well as nasal saline rinses.
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I know exactly how you feel.  I have the same type of thing since October.  I had the z-pack, amoxcillin (2 times), and a stronger antibiotic the doctor gave me for brochitis, Avelox.  The Avelox helped the most, but within a week after finishing it, my green phlegm and cough were back.  I just got chest x-ray, don't have results yet.  I also have numerous other health problems and I need a tooth pulled, but they won't do it until I get over this.  It's terrible!
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i'd wonder if you have a viral illness too.  that's alot of antibiotics to be a bacterial infection.
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If you find out what is going on, please share.  I too, have been sick for 2 months....chest cold, flu, head cold, strep throat, head cold, all the while with severe fatigue and achieness. It's been contstant and I and my family are exhausted.

I had bloodwork done today and we are checking for anything that might be amiss.
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Hi, just to update:  I think my sinus infection is gone, but I still have a lot of mucus and post-nasal drip, sore throat and earache.  Some days I feel OK, others I feel bad.  I do have allergies, but this seems like something more.  I will give it more time, but I'm considering going to an ENT specialist.
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I have to agree with everyone.  I started with strep throat at the end of November, got a cold mid December, sinus infection at Christmas, recurring sinus infection mid-January, flu late January, and now more cold symptoms with stuffy nose, sinus pressure, sore throat, cough.  What the hell's going on?!
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PS-I received Z-pack for both sinus infections.  
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I too am part of your non-exclusive gang battling severe cold-like symptoms (relentless mucus production, rattling lungs with endless productive cough, fatigue and joint pain etc.) for 4 straight hellish months. Been through the X-ray (just congestion) Zithromycin, Penecillin, Levaquin, Albuterol and Symbicort inhalers, blah,blah,blah; I have no allergies
have experienced no fever...and have had no improvement.
Did any of you good people find a magic bullet to curb this Legionaires disease/ad14/ para-virus/BikFokYooVirus/yet unidentified infection/etc... or are are we all just doomed?
As all your posts were 6-8 weeks ago, I'd be very grateful to hear how you beat this crud
about which doctors seem to remain clueless/helpless/bestguess...many thanks
Hi I have similar symptoms did you find out or did you get better ??
this is a 2008 thread so no one will answer you.
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try 1000mg lysine 2-3 times a day and it will work for you ,available at any drug store.
please post your results not sure on duration it will vary but at least several months
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I'm starting to think that the government is testing chemicals on us given the absurd number of colds and viruses going around the last few months.
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Ugh, I started substitute teaching in November and have only been well for a few weeks since. I'm on cold/flu #4 or #5- lost track!!?.  It seems that I am well for about 2 weeks then, hit again with body aches followed by cold like symptoms of varying degrees for up to 4 weeks. Really unusual for me to be sick more than 1x every few years.   It is nice to know that there are others out there having similar symptoms. I agree doctors are not helpful-I had to beg for antibiotics for the 2nd bout now I take over the counter cough syrup and cold ease.  Will see ENT next if I don't recover soon.  
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Although you wrote about the gov't testing on us quite some time ago, I truly
am beginning to wonder.  I've never had a cold, or flu that has lasted some four
months with phlegm and chest wheezing and it  never seems to leave.  Sometimes
my chest wheezes so badly I can not sleep and I have a lot to do but no energy.
Just wondering, did you get a flu shot this year or is this a bug you caught from
from someone else as I became ill four days after I received my flu shot--in Feb.
Really struggling now, antibiotics like Biaxin and Levaquin are not working.  Why
won't anyone tell us what the heck this is.  I desperately want answers to this.
Have you heard anything new.  Let me know o.k.  Hope you are feeling better.
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Your symptoms sound like chronic sinusitis. I have had this problem too BIG Time, and I beat it, Completely.

The good news is "Yes there is a magic bullet". The bad news is that it's "Not fast and easy".

Except to help diagnose your problem, ENT's are useless. There is no magic pill or antibiotic. Levaquin is the most powerful, but wont keep your infection from recurring, and Surgery is a complete waste of time and money. I have experience with both. Forget about antihistamines and decongestants. They just treat some of the symptoms and not the cause, which will only get worse.

One thing all ENT's agree on is the effectiveness of nasal irrigation. However non of them have the slightest clue as to how to do it effectively.The use of a "Grossen" type irrigater or saline wash in a bottle from the drug store is like using a bucket of water to put out a forest fire.

To be effective a sufficiently concentrated amount of saline solution must completely flood the infected cavity long enough to kill the infection. Continued daily applications keep it from recurring. That unfortunately means in most cases 50 to 100 gallons to knock out a serious infection and five or so gallons per day to keep it from recurring.

These numbers can vary depending on the seriousness of the infection, how many infections you have and very importantly where you live..If you live in Sacramento for example the problem will be particularly persistent. One thing is certain the longer you delay the worse the problem will become and the more difficult it will be to treat.

If anyone wishes to know the specific details on how to properly irrigate such large
volumes of saline, Let me know and I will post the details.
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Count me among those who have been sick since September!  Two courses of the Zpack during this time, along with all the regular treatments.  Lots of mucus, headaches, now swollen neck glands, sneezing, sinus pain, fatigue, etc.  I am at wits end. Am trying to avoid common areas that people touch all the time (doorknobs, etc.) but it's virtually impossible if you have to work, commute, etc.  Would love to stay home for a couple of days but really can't.  Please post the irrigation instructions.  At this point I'll try anything.  Thanks
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just out of curiosity has anyone tried the lysine recommendation I posted earlier and can confirm its results.
you should know it will work as an anti viral , probably the only thing of its kind available OTC , talk to your pharmacist of herbalist or even look it up on line. effective from the flu to chronic EBV.
and $7 dollars a bottle at your local drug store
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Hey where did you go with the nasal wash?
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Yes. How does it work with the saline flushes?
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I have also had a chronic cold or sinus infection for almost 2 months now.  Back in December when the flu was raging in Georgia, here, I fell ill with the flu.  I had all the aches, cold chills, stuffy nose, fever, etc.  After a week or two, the flu was gone, leaving me with the sinusitis to get over.  I was prescribed antibiotics and steroids.  None of that worked!   I have tried decongestant after decongestant.  I am now on Sudafed.  It does help to clear my nose for 12 hours, but then after that...my nose gets stuffed up again.  I have tried saline rinses with the Neti-Pot.  I tried that for a couple of days...didn't seem to work much with me, because there is such a blockage there.  I've tried nose sprays, and then I went to a natural store, where they gave me something to drop under my tongue...that doesn't work, either!  I have tried everything!  I'm at my wits end!  This is so frustrating!  I even took the neti-pot and put straight vinegar in it, and put that up my nose...it worked a bit, but the sting was just almost unbearable.  I've only tried that twice...I may go back and do that again.  I can't afford anything else, because I have spent tons of money on medications, and nothing seems to work!  Please help!  I've even read online where one lady had menegitis, or her brain fluid was leaking through her nose...and that really got me scared.  Please help!  Anyone!  
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Hi, been there. And it is an extremely difficult condition. Some info I would like to share that I know helps is to drink lots of water. Use garlic. If you can eat it, that would be great. I can't. What I do is to cut it in pieces and sniff the pieces then leave them beside my bed. Garlic has the ability to attract and trap viruses in the air, helping to quicken your recovery.
Another natural way will be to take echinacea. Has anyone heard of this?
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Very informative & helpful post, Thanks for sharing.
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