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cold? flu? asthma? allergies? please read!

Hi everyone, this started last week monday, july 18th (so it has been going on 11 days now).

It started with: a throat tickle/dryness & became a sore throat. Fatigue like you have when you have a cold/flu.

Turned to: sore throat diminished over time, but then developed a cough & this weird feeling in my chest

There were NO: fever, chills or runny nose

First doctor visit: he said he didnt want to give antibiotics right away  
Second doctor visit: he said allergies and asthma (given inhalers)
No tests have been done yet, only physician examination of chest/back/throat

So it has been 12 days now & Im still feeling unwell (1. pretty fatigued 2. weird feeling in chest (decreased) 3. voice sounds off 4. Some throat ruff/dryness). But the cough has decreased, as has the mucous that I was coughing up (usually in morning). Any thoughts or ideas? I havent experienced anything like this before I believe.  

Possible viral infection of throat and chest? I usually try to not complain during colds/flu since they go away after a week, but this has been 2 weeks now!

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Without a throat culture and listening to your lungs it is hard to say if it was viral, infection, or an asthma exacerbation (or a combination). If you are getting over an illness you can expect to be fatigued for a while. Asthma and allergies can leave you fatigued as well. I am curious if you had a change in weather or area pollens around the time you contracted this.  Depending on the inhalers the doctor gave you, some of them can leave your throat a bit hoarse and therefore change your voice. Bottom line is that it is not uncommon for it to take a month to recover from respiratory illness, so be patient.  If you have a return of symptoms or start coughing up more mucus than normal get back to your doctor.

Best of luck!    
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hi, thank you for replying to my post.  

Well, no throat culture, chest x ray or blood test has been done so far. Just auscultation of the back/chest and examination of throat.

Im not exactly sure about any pollen or weather changes, has been fairly summer like weather - sunny.

The inhalers are Ventolin and Advair.

Im trying to be patient, but at the same time, its hard not be worried/concerned.

Overall, it now has been 15 days, but I have had a decrease in mucous (just a bit in the mornings, not colored, just cloudy). But, I can tell I still have it (still some fatigue, just not feeling up to doing anything, weird/warm type feeling in chest (this has decreased as well). Hardly any cough, but still sometimes I have the urge to do so.

Im supposed to go back for a follow up appointment, any ideas/suggestions, any tests do you think I should ask for? Thanks.  

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The inhalers you listed do have sore throat and hoarseness as common side effects. Be sure to rinse your mouth and gargle each time after using the inhalers with a NON-alcohol base mouthwash (using an alcohol based mouthwash can actually make it worse). Next, I think it is time for you to ask for antibiotics on your next visit as you may have a secondary infection. The fatigue factor is usually a virus which you may still be fighting as the body is still weak.  Also, ask your doctor about an expectorant to help you clear out the mucus from your lungs. That may help you get an upper hand on this a little faster.    
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See if there are any Salt Therapy centers where you live. At least you might get some relief without pills and side effects. There are a few across the country - several in Florida, one in LA, one in St Louis, one in NJ, Chicago, Arizona, and Plano Texas.

Good luck
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