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hot head cold body

frequently my cheeks get very hot and so do my ears it feels like im sitting in front of a heater but my hands and toes are freezing cold and the rest of my body is normal tempeture and the other night i used a thermometer on my forhead and it was 97.3F then i checked my cheeks and it was 99.9F my cheeks and ears were red and really hot so i would like to know what you think the cause of that might be or why that happens? as well i've been having a lot of migraines... i dont know if that has anything to do with it?..
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if you have been going outside into cold temperatures, you can get cold/wind chapped. We keep our bodies bundled up outside, but most of the time our faces are more exposed. so the flesh in our face adjusts to the temperature outside and overworks to keep warm. but when we transition back into a room temperature area, your flesh is still overworking and makes ur temperature rise in your face and cheeks until it adjusts back down to room temperature. as to where your body was already bundled up in the cold, when you return back in, generally you take your coats off but if you were to keep it on, ur body would rise with your cheeks too. ----
thats if you are transitioning back and forth from cold/warm temps. If thats not hte case, then your blood pressure could be rising just enough to make your face hot. Next time it happens, try figuring out what your blood pressure is, if its within normal limits. then id say call a doctor.
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thanks and yea i do have seasonal allergies and my dr gave me meds for the migraines but yea ill just let my dr know when i got in a couple days..
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I cant tell you wants wronge but go to get checked out and make sure everything is ok I get the same way and i have migraines and the dr said unless i can handle the med they give me ill jsut have to live with it and it sounds really really stupid but i know alot of people who complaine about that when their allergies are acting up dont know if you have them or not butjust though t i would throw that one out good luck with everything
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