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how long can I spread the flu?

I had a positive flu test on tues morning. the dr told me to take two days off of work and gave me relenza.
today, I went to work, but I don't feel much better. I also have a three year old with cardiac issues that has been staying with my mom because I really dont want her to catch it!

If I still feel sick, but have been taking the medicine since tues, is it ok to be at work and ok to bring my daughter back home?  

what if I bring her home and wear a face mask?  does that make a difference?

Thank you!
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wow , so where do you live, and how long did you wait to go to dr when you started feeling bad.

if i was you i would leave my daugfhter at moms a few more days or until you feel like self , dont need to take a chance with her . hope you didnt go back to work to soon.
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i just read on net they say 7 days after you get it . so you should not gone back to work.
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thanks for responding.

I actually went to work last thursday and ended up calling in on friday and going back to the dr....I had gotten a sinus infection and bronchitis on top of my flu..

I went to the dr the first day I started to feel sick...I live in virginia....no, its not swine flu...I have flu b and swine flu is flu a

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thats great you dont have swine. sorry you feel bad i would lay back and take it easy, yeah i also had the bronchitis/sinus and thats enought to take you down for a while so with flu on top of it must feel rotton. hope you feel better real soon. take care
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