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lingering cough

I am an otherwise healthy 32 year old who had H1N1 the first week of October.  The flu/fever and main symptoms lasted 3-4 days, but I have a cough that just will not go away. I have been to my doctor who listened to my breathing and said everything sounds fine. He gave me antibiotics (z-pack), and this did not help. There is some chest irritation, but no pain or fever, and nothing coming up.  It's just annoying!  What can I do about this lingering cough, and should I be worried?  
p.s. I do not smoke, and have never smoked.
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Got your note. It is frustrating. Honestly the Prednisone didnt help much. I took it and now Im on prescription number 3. The Dr had given me a prescription for an inhaler one that is used for asthma.  I researched and a lot of our symptoms seem to be the same as those who do experiance asthma.  I went to the MOA yesterday and the cold did seem to really set it off. I had just filled the inhaler (ProAir HFA) at CVS so I figured I would try it. I am so frsutrated I feel like theres nothing else I can do. It seems to work. while walking through the Mall I felt like I could breath. i felt like fresh air was getting into my chest. Its been weeks. I think it helps to open the air way but I still was coughing. Just not as much. Right now Im at home and the cough is bad again. I tried the inhaler an hour or so ago and it doesnt really seem to help. after researching many asthma websites (since many of my symptoms match) I think that I need an air purifier and just to really try to control what could be possible irritants.  

I dont smoke and never have but wondering do you or did you? There is also a chronic bronchitisor things along that line that on the websites for the inhlaers it will explain it is for those diagnosis as well. Growing up my father always had a cigarette in his hand. I remember running in elementary school and feeling so sick. I have never smoked but right now I can only describe how I feel as being a 100 year old lifetime smoker.  that is what I feel like when I breath. Even now it feels like my chest is thick and heavy and like there is something slowing my air down.

I wonder if we are experiancing more lingering symptoms following the flu because of the smoke.
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hi! Me again...already posted on this post once..but then I read yours.... I still have the leftover H1N1 cough too! I think Ive had it about 4, 5 weeks now. Mines not as bad as yours...it IS slowing down now...just in the past day or so..but...my dr at work ( nurse practitioner) gave me steriods (Prednisone) too! I didnt get why she was doing that, and she didnt really explain...but ive heard bad things about it...so....I admit..I didnt take it. It was some sort of pack where you take 6 pills the first day...5 pills the 2nd..4 pills the 3rd day..etc...
I just didnt want to get into that kind of drug. Im wondering if I shouldve? My issue now, just in the past 2 days..is that I am slightly short of breath..and my chest...BURNS....when I exert...or when I walk outside any distance at all. Ive never had anything like this before. now its scaring me a bit....so I dont quite know what to do. Its similiar to heartburn..only it seems to happen more when im outside breathing in the VERY cold air...or inside..coming up the basement stairs...
I dont like it....
I cough at night too...and during the day..cant really cough anything up though.
Its just very frustrating...

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Oh wow finally I feel like someone knows what I am talking about. I have had this cough for about 5 or 6 weeks. H1 has already gone around with my girls but I didnt go in. I havent had a fever for the last 5 weeks but I can not stop coughing. Its annoying and tiring. I' ve tried Musinex and it didnt work. I drank all the cough medicine in the house. I finally gave up and went to the Dr. and she gave me steroids first to try to open the airway and let it run its course. Then she gave me Z-pack (which Im told stays in your system for up to 10 days). That was done as of last friday. I do have a prescription for an inhaler in case all of the others dont work. The NP I saw basically said it can hang on for months and not much she can do. I need to sleep and I need to stop. With my job I need to be able to be on the phone and I need to work.  I cant seem to when all I do is cough. Night does seem much worse. If you get answers please feel free to contact me. I am new to this web site but hopefully something gets solved here.
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Im sorry, Im not answering your question...I just wanted to say that I wish someone would!! Maybe now your question will go to the top of the page...and someone will answer. Its me exactly! Only I had the H1N1 the week before AND the week of Thanksgiving..so I am only about a week over ...but I too am left with a cough-very irritating. Mostly dry cough...only I have some wheezing, especially at night..that irritates me too. I am still tired, exhausted, and not back to normal. But the cough lingers. I saw a Nurse Practitioner yesterday, and she did hear something in my left lung. Prescribed me Prednisone...which I am hesitant to take--I dont like that drug!! And..I dont know why she did it.
I hope someone will answer both our posts.
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