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my son woke-up one morning with half his face paralyzed??? why??

My son had a cold for a couple of days, than one morning he woke up with the left side of his face paralyzed- his smile looked like a nike swoosh mark! There is a name for it but I can't remember .... what is it called???He is ok it eventually went away, and his smile is back to perfect!!!
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I wouldn't be so flippant about it.  Your son could have had a transient ischemic attack while sleeping.  That is a small stroke.  Just because it eventually went away does not mean that he did not have something serious happen to him.  You should have him checked out.  If it were my child, I would be at the doctor's office or ER as soon as possible.

The name is probably hemi meaning one for hemisphere paresis paralysis- hemiparesis.
I think hemiplegia is when it is one arm and the corresponding leg, but I am not a doctor and don't know for sure.

Then again, Bell's Palsy can happen after a viral infection like the flu; I am not sure about colds.

Maybe I'm just sick right now and a prude, but my child's brain and facial nerves are more important than a perfect smile.

I'm sorry if I am being rude.
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It's more probably a Bell's Palsy, but chigirl29 is right, it needs to be checked out by a doctor.
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if your son had a small stroke, I would go see a doctor and possibly a cardiologist and do some scans to make sure his heart is normal. Alot of the time things like this can go undetected until its too late, Better safe than sorry. Go see the doctor right away!!!
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I think it would be good to also get a blood chemistry, especially glucose to make sure he doesn't have diabetes. If it was a stroke that is.
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to everyone telling jesskiekins that this is a stroke, cut it out.  the worst it could be is a TIA (transient ischemic attack) since the symptoms went away, and even that is unlikely.  probably bell's palsy.  

anyways, needs to be evaluated by a physician
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Technically, TIA is also known as a mini stroke or brain attack...   And is what I intended to write, unfotunately this site does not allow editing of posts..  
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yes, that's the colloquial name for it.
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Thank-You for all the responses!!
Yes I did take my son to the Doctor's RIGHT AWAY!!
I am a concerned parent...
It was Bell's Palsey,
and yes my sons child's brain and facial functions IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT to me than his perfect cute adorable smile!
my child's health, smile & laughter to me means everything to me!!
All I was asking for was the NAME....
THANK_YOU VERY MUCH Dr. Enoch Choi & demlard !!!!!
We discovered that my son is borderline Diabetic and tokeep an eye on his eating habits and excersize so it doesn't progress into full diabetes.  Thank-You Jessiekins
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great news!

Good luck on his diabetes.  excersize can prevent progression
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I'm happy your son is better and that you have found his diabetes so that he can get better.
Sorry about being snippy--I was sick and grumpy that day.

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You are welcome and hope you guys can get it figured out.  Take care.
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probably AIDS
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I had this same issue and it turned out to be the onset of Bells Palsy.  If this happens to you do not waste time and get to your doctor asap.  You can end up with half your face paralyzed.  The longer you wait to treat bells palsy the more damage you end up with.  
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