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nausea, exhaustion, depression

Hello, my worst symptom is almost constant nausea- ranges from mild to severe, no vomiting, normal bowel movements. I also suffer from mild depression and anxiety (has something to do with the fact i'm ill all the time i think), i'm constantly exhausted and too tired to do anything, i have pre-menstrual symptoms (usually feel a bit flu-like and a lot more nauseous), i have polycystic ovaries (though no other signs of PCOS- i am normal weight), and i apparently have gastritis, thought that diagnosis was made after a gastroscopy 2 years ago and i never got it properly treated, I cannot tolerate the normal estrogen pill, it makes me vomit for hours after taking it- even the low dose ones make me incredibly nauseous. This has all been going on for 3-4 years though is getting worse. I'm not pregnant, never have been. I've had pelvic and abdominal ultrasounds, Ct scan, xray with barium meal, gastroscopy, and i'm having another gastroscopy/ colonoscopy in a few days. Blood tests for gluten intolerance returned negative, no thyroid problems, no STDs or AIDS, normal vitamin levels...

Could it be the gastritis making me so nauseous?
Could I have a hormonal problem?
What on earth could be making a 22 year old woman so ill, that she frequently misses work and social events?
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sorry placed this in wrong forum
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Wow. You sound like me. They said the same thing. Gastritis. Or some other stomach problem. Only I'm dizzy alot too. They always think I'm pregnant because I have all of the symptoms, but I never am. They say maybe its depression or fibromyalgia, but their solution is exercise, eat better, and quit stressing. I've had alot of blood tests and they checked my gallbladder...all normal. To them I am completely normal and when I come in and tell them what I'm going through they treat me like I'm a hypochondriac or faking it. I'm sick of talking to the doctors because they never figure anything out. I too was thinking maybe a hormonal imbalance but my gyno acted like thats not possible because I'm on birth control.

I actually started taking Omeprazole which is a proton pump inhibitor because for a period of time I was getting really bad heartburn but it actually did help with the nausea. Its the prescription form of prilosec or prevacid, I can't remember which. It however did nothing for the dizziness or exhaustion. I don't know what to do about that, I can barely get home from work most days I'm so tired.

So I know how you feel. I hope someone posts on here for you.
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hey, i get dizziness too! holy bejebus, someone out there with the same symptoms! i'll just be sitting on the couch, or doing nothing out of the ordinary and BAM-world is spinning and i feel sick.. (sicker)... and the exhaustion, boy do i know what you're talking about, i'm 22 and i take afternoon naps, some days i am literally too tired to be walking around the shopping centre with my friends even for an hour or two. i'm only on progesterone only pill, cos the estrogen one made me vomit *all night* it was horrible. so now i'm terrified if i ever get pregnant i'm going to get terrible morning sickness...

first thing doctors ever say is 'are you pregnant', after i say no, they say 'here take some nexium (i'm pretty sure thats the brand name of omeprazole), or 'take some maxalon (doesn't even keep the nausea at bay anymore' or, you guessed it 'get some exercise and stop stressing'. i'm of very healthy weight- 50kgs- and reasonably fit, i refuse to accept they blame these horrible life destroying symptoms on the fact i don't run more often.

i've FINALLY found a doctor who listens to me- after all these years- and doesn't treat me like a hypochondriac stress ball.

good luck to both of us, eh?
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