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painful cough

Hello. Two weeks ago I caught what I believed to be the flu.....and I've never had the flu. I started out feeling fine the day prior, developed a little bit of a dry cough. I figured it was just a cold so I took a little vitamin C and I figured I'd be better the following morning. I was so wrong. The next day I had a fever, my head was pounding like it never has before, and my body ached so much so that I didn't want to move. I was in bed for 2-3 days. The following week, I felt fine....just a little bit of a dry cough. And whenever something did come up, the mucus was clear so I wasn't concerned. I just figured the remaining gunk was clearing itselft out of my system. Eventually it stopped......that is until last Sat (4days later) when I began to cough again. I went dancing and by the end of the evening I was hacking up a lung! Now, I have yellow-ish, light brown (or dark beige) phlegm coming up in (what I can only describe as) clumps. The cough is so terrible, I cringe every time that I do feel the tickle in the center of my chest.......it just hurts so bad. The cough is so violent that I have vomitted twice, Sun and today. I've taken Mucinex (for the excessive mucus) and Advil Congestion Relief (which has helped to clear my sinuses up a bit and give me some relief), and Robitussin for the cough, but nothing is helping. The only thing that makes me feel better is warm beverages and broths. I plan to go to the Dr....however, I haven't received my medical card yet. I guess I'd just like to know if anyone has had similar symptoms, what did you do to get better?.....If you think this is a new cold or is it the same one I had 2 weeks ago?  Honestly, I'd appreciate any advice you could share. Thank you.
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well its probably the same cough that you had. what i had was kinda similar but never the throwing up part when you get that cough drink some worm tea that helped me with the soreness throwing up part never happened to me let me know how it go's k.    
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sounds like its left over from the first bout. try sudafed tablets and a cough mixture for a chesty cough from your local pharmacy and hot water in a bowl to inhale with a towel over your head. menthol crystals are good in the hot water again from a pharmcy. the pharmacy will be happy to help if you ask. i have done that before and it saves a trip to the doctor
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Thank you, Ladies. I appreciate your advice and your well wishes. :-)
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