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running nose too frequent

I m not sure if this is a cold or allergy. i dont have any pain in my throat. i seem to be getting it every other day. Running nose, continuous sneezes especially with change of temperature like Outdoors, AC rooms etc.  I take half a tablet of Cetrizine which makes me feel better, but it feels like the i m not able to completly get over this cold. What should i do. Even when m joggin, my nose starts to runs. Is it the weather??
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It could be a cold or a flu. It could be the flu that your body is doing a good job of fighting, leaving you only with those mild symptoms. You should rest for a few days, go to bed early  take daily vitamins high in vitamin D at least 1,000 IU per serving. A cup of green tea made very strong (2 tea bags) 2 times a day for 2 days. Green tea is high in anti oxidants and as a natural anti viral.

If its allergies, be sure to take note of any recent changes around the house. Has some one brought in flowers or recent unpacking of old closets or something unknowingly kicking up dust. What about places you go every other day. Damp mold or stale air at someone else's house you hang out with or at work/?

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it might very well be that you developed allergies especially if you moved recently to a more tree and grassy area you might want to go to an allergist so you can see if whatever is causing this(it might be a food or dust in particular) and you can avoid feeling this way
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