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Are ischemic colitis and duodenumitis related?

My 77 year old mom recently had emergency surgery to remove part of her colon on the right side that had died.  At the ER they did a CT scan.  The radiologist thought she had colon cancer and also noted she had duodenumitis.  The surgeon did not think it was cancer but maybe diverticulitis because of her severe pain.  Thankfully it was not cancer.  The pathology report said it was ischemic colitis.  The surgeon thinks she may have had a blood clot that blocked the blood flow to her colon and that is why it died.  I don't think the surgeon did anything about the duodinumitis.  Should we be concerned about the duodenumitis?
Thank you.  
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Colitis = Inflammation of colon
Duodenitis = Inflammation of duodenum.

Ischemic colitis is due to obstruction of blood flow to colon. Duodenitis usually occurs due to increased acid from the stomach and one of the common causes is H.pylori infection.

Both these conditions are not related to each other. Duodenitis can be treated with medications alone. Consult your doctor for prescription.
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.

- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
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Thank you, we will have her checked for H.pylori.  I tested positive for H.pylori a year ago; so I would think it is likely she will test positive as well.  She curently takes protonix for acid reflux.  Hiatal hernias and esophagitis seem to run in my family.

Today she went to her cardiologist because the colon surgeon said she had a-fib during surgery and thought it could be a cause of clots that caused the ischemic colitis.  She has a pace maker and they down loaded the info and said there is no A-fib recorded on the pace maker.  They said it could not have been a-fib during surgery or it would show up on the pace maker.  So, if it isn't a-fib induced clotting then what else could cause the obstruction of blood flow to the colon?  Her cardiologist said it was not due to her heart.  Should we pursue identifying the cause?  It's a little scary knowing that your colon can just die suddenly out of the blue!

My mother also started taking a human growth hormone (unknown to me) about 3 weeks prior to the colon episode.  It's a spray that she sprays in her mouth.  Is it safe for her to take this stuff?  I told her not to use it any more until I find out more about it.

Thank you very much for your help!  
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