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C diff treatment

Has anyone ever had c diff? I'm currently having symptoms of nausea and Diarrhea. Stool Testing is pending. I was told if my symptoms are severe to start taking flagyl, anyone ever been on this antibiotic? If so what was the outcome?? Ian really looking for some help and support, any help is welcomed.
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yea, i had cdiff from taking antibiotics. I was in the hospital for two weeks, but some people have it for a very long time. Do not take anti-diarhea meds if you think you have cdiff.. it will make it worse... my situation it was pretty horrible. I am still not feeling well although I am not showing signs of cdiff in my stool.
I have taken flagyl before, but not for cdiff. but because I have crohn's disease and I had an anal fistula. When I had cdiff i took vancomycin.. spelling might be off. but that cause me to have diahrea for many weeks and I can not eat anything anymore. what my doctor told me was that flagyl never really works for cdiff so he jumps over that and goes to vanco directly.
I got clindamycin induced colitis 2013, Flagyl helped considerably, but didn't cure me. Dr. says I now have microscopic colitis and treated me with antispasmotics. He says many were cured. Years later I still seem to have it, cramps for no apparent reason, unless I keep up with the antispas. drug, but don't like the side effects. Had a friend who ended up in hosp, close to death got the fecal transplant. 4 weeks later symptoms gone. She of course was allowed the cure because of another major health issue. I tried the fecal transplant through on-line help, but donor didn't safe guard the specimen, so the bacteria apparently died before transplanting. I did try vanco a few years ago, but it made matters worse. It killed off more bacteria, thus causing more diarrhea and cramps. Probiotics were of no help either. Still trying, though. Hope to hear if you are getting better and how.
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Wished I'd seen this question in 2014.  I had ingested a parasite (only seen about every 5 yrs or so and was constantly asked if I had been overseas recently.  The answer is NO. Bought the pork loin at Shoppers Food Warehouse) - got this parasite from pork loin and was put on an antibiotic.  Couldn't say which one.  Pain and diarrhea were getting worse. CT scan showed intestinal inflammation. Sent to gastro doc (idiot) and showed him the parasite report. He insisted on colonoscopy (which I will never and have never done again). That was done on a Friday. By that Sunday afternoon, my butt was feeling 'tingly'. By Monday morning, I was in such agonizing pain. Went to general doc, wait for lab results and yes, congratulations, you have c.diff.  Flagyl is the first line of defense but it didn't work (altho, I was grateful to lose 9 pounds while taking it). Did the Vancomycin (very expensive drug) like clock work EVERY 4 hrs (had my alarm set all the time).  Didn't work.  Gastro doc gave up and told me to go to general doc for the Vanco as HE couldn't help.  Well, if you've got LOTS of BAD bacteria in your guts, what's the opposing thing you should have - GOOD bacteria. Can't believe these specialist are so dumb. Read up on all foods with lots of good bacteria and began eating those (even foods I did not like).  I cut out 99% of sugars (bad bacteria thrives on sugar).  I did this for 6 weeks and during that time did the slow withdrawal from Vancomycin.  After dealing with c.diff for 15 months - I finally cured myself.  Now, say, 10 yrs (?)  later, I now get bouts of colitis (I take Flagyl for that but will ask for a less wide-spectrum antibiotic as an infectious disease doc said to stay away from antibiotics as much as possible since I've had c.diff.); but, I do NOT overload on sugar anymore. If I do, I'll load up more so on good bacteria food (yogurt is NOT enough folks).  The gastro doc for the colitis (ha, he wanted to do a colonoscopy again)  and he had told me I probably contracted the c.diff from that original colonoscopy.  I did NOT have another colonoscopy.  Bear in mind, the medical profession CANNOT fully sterilize that scope b/c the chemicals/extreme heat would destroy the camera.  I'll never have a scope enter MY body anywhere (nose, mouth, butt) again unless it truly is life and death. I believe a lot of these docs want to do their 'speciality' tests b/c THAT'S where themoney lies.  Think "commonsense" before some idiot doctor thinks "money-bank" when he's talking to you.
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