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Hi, I am a 23 year old male, approximately 170 lbs. I recently had a wisdom tooth extraction and was prescribed Clindamycin to prevent the extraction area from becoming infected. I was prescribed this medication on 5/28/2014.  I was directed to take it 3x a day until it was all gone. I took it for about a week straight. I noticed while I was on the medication that I had very severe episodes of diarrhea and stomach cramping. I stopped taking the medication as of yesterday. I also plan to see my GP about this early next week and I will be seeing the dentist who prescribed it today as well. My questions are:

Since I have stopped taking the medication, how long will the diarrhea symptoms take to go away?
What is the likelihood that I could have developed colitis or some other digestive/intestinal/stomach issues?
What can I do in the meantime to curb the symptoms?
Is having colitis abnormal at my age?
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Have your stools tested for c diff, it's a disease some people get when they take to many antibiotics. Go to your doctor and ask to be tested, you would need to submit a stool Sample. Ian going thru the same identical issue right now.  And my stool samples are pending. Good luck. Let us know what your out come is if tested. San times your body needs to time to recover, so don't panic and give it time.
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I currently have the infection. Clindomycen was how I obtained it. Started having severe pain in stomach 4 days after taking it. Took about 3 weeks for my doctor to take it seriously. (From throwing up blood, unrelated to c.diff). If you test positive you will more then likely take flagyl and if it keeps returning stronger antibiotics. Becareful of dehydration if you have it. I am currently battling it right now which is causing my blood pressure to drop. Drink plently of fluids and rest when you can.
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