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Colon and Small Intestine removed

Hi guys I'm 22 and was in a auto vs ped accident last August. I was the pedestrian lol. My pelvis was crushed which caused internal bleeding. Dr had to take over half the colon and some feet (can't remember how many) of the small intestine. Since I'm almost a year out from my accident I expected to be back to normal by now. I'm going crazy from the constant restroom trips. I sometimes have to go 10 minutes after eating. Of course me being 22 (as of May) I'm not really used to watching what I eat. I've tried the brat diet thing and I couldn't deal. I'd just like to know if anyone has a diet worked out to where they can eat more without needing a bathroom?  Or if I'm just totally SOL.
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Try acidophilus or any good probiotic.
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Do you have severe urgency? Did you have colitis or crohns before your accident?

Could you have an infection in your bowels? Did you have an ostomy for any period of time?

These are things that should be ruled out first.
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