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Hi everyone newbie here!

Diagnosed with pan colitis June 2013...put on medication after being hospitalized for what I now know was a major 'flare'.

Today while renewing my prescriptions  on  my healthtrak I checked my medical record and it listed
*ulcerative colitis (HCC)*. Last month only *colitis* was listed. After an internet search I believe HCC stands for Hepatocellular carcinoma.
The addition of (HCC) concerns me ... a lot...I'm not sure if the parenthesis indicate that Hepatocellular carcinoma Is Not a part of my diagnosis or that it IS part of my ulcerative colitis diagnosis.

Asking my current GI would be useless...explaining things or answering questions is not one of his strengths. Because of that I have a new GI doctor but my appointment isn't until mid February and I don't want to wait that long for an answer.

Any clarification would be helpful. Thanks

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Did you have biopsies done?  I think you should get copies of your records, particularly your pathology reports.  
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Thanks for responding
Yes I had biopsies & I read the report of the biopsy  results but HCC  was not mentioned.  However, many times they don't post the entire test result fidings to your health trak page. I think you're right I should get All of my test results . Although that will take some time & I am still super curious about what my diagnosis means and has anyone else had  (HCC)  attached to their diagnosis

Thanks again for your suggestion
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Contacted my PCP and my diagnosis of the 'HCC' is a billing code nothing to  worry about ... whew feel better now!
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