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Fistual but no insurance

I was diagnosed with UC in 1995.  I had an extremely severe case of it.  My colon finally ruptured in September of 1999.  In February of 2000 I received a J-Pouch.  I never had any problems until 2006 when I noticed a lump forming near my vagina.  It looks as if it's a fistula.  I have had this thing for the past three years and have not been able to have it taken care of because I cannot afford medical insurance.  I applied for state assistance, but they denied me.  My fistua has gotten worse with time and and it is abscessed and causes me a lot of pain on a daily basis.  I've even had to miss work on occasion because of this.  My local doctor isn't experience with patients who have J-Pouches.  I live in a small community.  He has written to several doctors asking if they would be willing to see me for free or on a discount basis because in his own words my condition is "chronic" and I "desperately need help". Not one doctor ever responded to his letters.  I am at my "wits end" because I don't know what to do.  I am battling with depression now because of this.  I feel that there is no help out there for me.  I thought I would try to write here to see if there was any way you could help me out.  I don't know what else to do.  Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.  As each day goes by my condition becomes worse and so does my metal health as well.

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Fistula usually occurs with CD and not UC.
I have provided with a link below. It is meant for people without insurance-
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