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Frequency of suppositories

Hi,I've been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis yesterday and was given 30 x 500 mg suppositories but the consultant said I would have my next appointment in 3 months time.I have to use one per night.Do I use  them just for 30 days or should I ask my doctor for some more after 30 days ? It's all very new to me.Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks,Nicky
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Hi Nicky.
I'm sorry about your recent U.C. diagnosis.
According to the mfg:
"The dosage of Mesalamine 500 mg suppositories (Generic Canasa) is one rectal suppository once daily at bedtime.
The suppository should remain inserted for one to three hours or longer, if possible. The normal course of therapy is from three to six weeks depending on symptoms and sigmoidoscopic findings".
So the 30 day supply falls within the recommended duration.
I hope I have the right suppository name,lol!

I am familiar with U.C and I urge you to look into the SCD
program, which has been a life saver for a great number of
U.C sufferers.
It has helped my daughter get her life back- She's on a modified SCD program which works great for her, but it took a couple of years- between the 2 of us to tweak it to a point that
she could be functional again.
We suspect low thyroid function (subclinical levels), genetics,
Candida infection and low stomach acid where some of the causative factors, leading to U.C.

Please rest assured, there are many things you can do on your own to manage U.C.
If you need any information, let me know.

Best wishes,
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You may want to read about Nigella sativa.  It is helpful for many conditions, and studies have been done showing it to be beneficial at reducing inflammation of ulcerative colitis.  It is also generally good for preventing many diseases, including cancer.  Also hemorrhoids.  
I looked Nigella sativa up and it is also known as black seed which I had heard it was good for you, but  now reading about it,  it goes beyond good, it's amazing if only half of the claims are true!
Should one take the whole seeds, or just the oil? What's better?
What's your experience with it?
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Thanks Niko for your advice.What does scd stand for ?
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Thanks for telling me about nigella sativa.I'll look into it
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Hey Nicky. You're welcome!
SCD stands for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, however, don't let the name
mislead you, as it has not much to do with carbohydrate intake, but rather the contrary.
It's been around for about half a century and has helped the majority of people who have Crohn's,UC, IBS, Cystic Fibrosis, etc. and follow this program to experience improvement.
Best wishes,
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