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Help...can coeliacs be ruled out?

can you tell me if the calprotection stool essay test is a good test for coeliacs...my son is quite unwell at present..trialling a 6 week dietof gluten (he is 14)...he has rashes sores,belly ache and mild jaundice ( started 5 months ago)...it feels painfully slow when your child is ill.How about gene testing?  Wear efrom Jewish Polish origins with a family history of auto-immune diseases.is there a test that can rule out coeliacs and limit this? He has missed alot of school and its an important time for him..a
nd he is soo fed up with feeling so tired and unwell.
thank you for any time given
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Small intestinal biospy and histopathological examination along with serology for tissue transglutaminase can be done to diagnose celiac disease.
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.

- Ratnakar Kini M.D
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Thank you so very much for taking the time to answer my query. Is serotology a blood test? If it isnt coeliacs ,will that biopsy and test highlight other problems? As this has been going on for 6 months(a long time for a child) I want to now sort this out asap for my son. are there any other gastroenterstinal diseases that have the above symptoms that he can be tested for while he waits? I feel so much for him as he is trying so hard to catch up school work missed, while feeling so unwell and cant relax with his usual sports. any advise would be brilliant at this stage.
Thank you Dr Ratnakar
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