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I have abdominal pain. Can someone please analyze my tests?

I have stomach pains in various places of my belly (mostly lower left). I was diagnosed with colitis but was not told how severe my problem is. I need another doctor to also see my X-ray pictures and other information. Thank you in advance. Also, please not remind to me to go to doctor I have already visited 2 doctors but I think they had no clue what is happening their prescriptions did not work.
Here is the pdf where all the diagnostic info is attached link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SbpcOFNOuKS-lYMzMfm16DS-jymxpMYG/view?usp=sharing
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Hello, you posted this quite some time ago and I'm sorry you didn't receive any response.  Can you give us an update and we'll go from there?  
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