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I think I am in trouble

I am 56 yrs. old and it all started in Dec.2005 when I was hospitalized for 2 weeks with ischemic colitis (never was ill before and was very active working as a truck driver for 30 yrs.)  Then it was one thing after another caught hooping cough which turned my allergy induced Asama  into  ending stage of COPD and was hospitalized again for a week, which I came home with oxygen 24/7 (with areal gases of 57)  and now can't walk more than 120 feet without a heart rate of 120 ...and now hospitalized again for 11 days for  massive ischemic colitis again (Dr.said it is 2 massive areas covering all over  the colon)  along with congestive heart failure, sleep acme, diabetics, thyroid, gallbladder,osteoporosis, 7 degenerated  spine  problems causing pinched nerves in both arms and legs...all due to I was on high amounts of steroids for a year (140mg and tapering down)  And of course no Dr. will operate due to I am too high risk.  I was on Byette for 4 mo,..and take medication for everything (13 pills + pain patch
(1) Could the Ischemic colitis be caused by the Byetta shots daily in stomach?
(2) How does this all happen in less than 3 yrs?
(3) Is any of this irreversible?
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1.Byetta shots doesnot cause ischemic colitis.

2. As you have mentioned all are side effects of steroids.

3. Many are irreversible.
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- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
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