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Mother diagnosed with colitis/gastrointestinal

Hi there,

Almost a year ago my mother was diagnosed with colitis, at first she was hospitalized for a couple of weeks while she was put under surveillance of her condition and was given medication to help with bleeding (through urine) and inflammation of her intestines.

Although she has not been re-hospitalized since, her condition appears to have gotten worst, she has had regular doctor visits and has very recently started a bout of prescription medication which she has only described to me as medication which supresses the immune system but also prevents the disease from getting bigger, and also possibly causes cancer (sorry I'm not aware of the name, she won't give me too much info).

At this rate my mother is trying anything she can in order to avoid having to remove her intestines and having what she describes as a bag attached to her to collect her bodily waste (feaces, urine etc). As my mother is a social butterfuly this is the last thing she wants, however my mother is stubborn and often does not listen to professional advise despite the fact that she, herself works in a hospital as a pharmacist.

I was hoping to receive some more information about her condition and possibly what she can do to try and improve her health, and what the actually procedure of the surgery to remove her intestines is as I do not have an understanding of it and would like to educate myself about it.
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