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My wife found out about ten days ago that she has colitis.  She had stomach pain, diarrhea and nausea.  For a long time before this she has had abdominal cramps etc.   But never was told she had colitis.  She went to the ER ten days ago with a bad case of diarrhea.  They took some blood and gave her a CT when she was there.  The blood test showed the liver numbers high.  The CT scan showed she has colitis.  She was put on two meds.  One being Cipro and some other antibiotics.  But after ten days she still is have the abdominal pain, diarrhea and her skin is yellow to real white.  She cannot leave the house.  She must be near a bathroom at all times.  What can we do?  Does last forever?  Does the diarrhea go away?  Can a CT show she has it?  Could it be bad food?  She is to see her PCP doctor in about two week.  I told to call now because of the color of her skin.  Liver problems, too?  This is all new to us.  She is 67 Years old.  She a non-drinking, non-smoker and walks every day.  Jack
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Hey Jack. There's different kinds of colitis! Did they happen to mention what kind is it? Sometimes if could just be a bacteria that needs to be fought off. Sometimes it's a life long condition.. Sometimes it's Something that can be managed.

It is normal for the liver to be working too hard. Just keep an eye on it. If she is yellow that means her lover cannot handle whatever she is going through. I recommend seeking a specialist if this isn't cleared up with the antibiotics.

More tests will be necessary to find out where the problem is exactly and I imagine more medications will need to be prescribed.
Diet and health is a big thing with bowel problems. Eat healthy, test the foods. If they cause he problems, try to avoid them. People with colitis tend to have other intolerances that normal people don't because we don't absord or digest food properly.

Please look into seeing a doctor who knows about IBD, IBS and other bowel related condition. She will need all the support she can get through this, and you as well. I hope she feel better!
I have not been diagnosed YET, but omg a dunkin donut coolata set off something HORRIFIC. STOOL sample, no bacteria, and ultrasound ok....but I suspect colonoscopy next. I had about a week of thinking I was ok...back came the bloating, another week of potty ALL the time. At onset, I had severe stomach pains. The bloating worries me. I feel for everyone here. I cannot do the prep home alone so unless the doctor
can admit me the night before, I don't see that as possible. Scared. Not sure where to post this. My BEST to everyone! Thank you!
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