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I have been feeling very sick for about 2 months and with my blood tests have recently been given a diagnosis of pancreatitis. About a month ago my ALT and AST were 2-3 x normal and the last few times they have been normal but my lipase has been slightly elevated, usually about 20-30 over the norm. I have gotten extremely nauseous, have horrible indigestion, and got really low blood pressure; I have been on Florinef and it has helped me with the blood pressure and Prilosec is helping me a little with indigestion, but in the last few days I can barely eat. I have already lost weight and am thin as it is. All the dr does is keep repeating the blood tests. I also have chest pains pretty much every day that come and go for the last month. What should the next step be? I have a dr appt on Monday and if all there going to do is another blood test that makes no sense to me b/c I'm in pain and extremely nauseous. Shouldn't they start to do some kind of CT scans or U/S? The first time I went to ER for the pain they did a U/S for gallstones and I didn't have any. What other ways do they have of diagnosing pancreatitis? Also, is it likely I have it if my lipase is not that high?
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CT scan is the investigation of choice for diagnosing pancreatitis. Moreover lipase though is increased in pancreatitis does not remain persistently high and it returns to baseline level in a couple of days.
So I would suggest that you have CT scan of the abdomen done.
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- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
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