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Plz help! Severe pain. Is it Colitis?

About 2 days ago I woke up to to an upset stomach. It was just slightly uncomfortable, like I ate something bad. I was feeling a little nauseous so a went tm the bathroom to induce vomiting. Nothing but saliva came out because there was nothing in my belly.

Later that night I woke to some serious stomach cramps. I rushed to the bathroom expecting diarrhea, but nothing. I've been going through the awful pain for 2 days now.

Fever (for only 1 or so when the pain first started)
Paint at the epigastric region (upper mid stomach)
Hurts when I press on the region. Can't sleep on my sides or belly.

I've haven't changed anything with my diet except for about 5-6 days before this pain started
I'd been drinking A LOT of lemon and lime juice with A LOT of artificial sweetener. Basically, I'd been drinking only that throughout the whole day and night (hardly any water)...and a cup of coffee in the morning.

The pain us constant at my upperud stomach. It's the same kind of pain you feel when good poisoned and and you feel a diarrhea coming...after which you get some relief. But I don't get relief after going to the bathroom.

I feel bloated. The region looks and feels swollen and tight. The same pain I feel increases with any pressure applies to that region (slightly above the belly button).

I feel slight nausea sometimes but i haven vomited involuntarily.

Any idea what this could be?

Much much appreciate any help I can get.
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*1 or 2 hours
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My first symtoms were urgency and blood in my stool .all the other symptoms came later ,the list is long. Diagnosed with minor u.c. and two years later severe .i now dont have a colon .pray for you !
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