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Quad Surgeries In November!!!

Had 4 surgeries Nov. 12, '09  Am 9 wks post op & recovering slowly!    What is recovery time for someone going through this many surgeries?   Still not able to go all day without burning & stinging across belly...above by-lateral incision site!   Healed outside, but very sore to touch!  Gallbladder incisions healed, but still sore?  Like been punched in the gut @ X's!   Belly button site feels like being pushed outwards?    Bladder suspension has been an ordeal.    Took an infection back before I came home from hosp. on Nov. 15th, but didn't know it?   Was in sever pain all thru Thanksgiving till Dec. 11th.   Urologist decided I was having bladder spasiums & an uretheal infection caused from the cathider...which I came home with or started growing?   My pain meds. had stopped working early on!!!    Dec. 11th., was given an anti-botic & an antigelsic & have been on both ever since.  Makes pee bright orange & is the only time I am "pain free" for a few hours till it wears off.  Been Dec. 11th till now, Jan. 24th.!   Can't get off the little red pill but finished last antibiotic!!!    
So tired of hurting & feeling bad!   Still not lifting ANYTHING!   Can't stand or sit upright for any length of time unless a very soft.   Have to lay flat several times a day & REST!!!   Doing very light HS work, nothing heavy!!!  
Have been walking since week 3 & am up to 1 1/2 to 2 miles a day weather permitting....with great effort!!!!  
When should I stop hurting & be in pain from all of this?    Am getting very frustrated...but I do know I am better from going thru it all!    The bladder has kickked my butt!!!  LOL
How long should I continue to feel bad & have body pains?
What limits should I still put on myself and restrictions, if any?
Thanks to all who advice....  
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