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Radiation Colitis

I have a dear friend who was diagnosed with rectal cancer approximately 4 years ago.  She underwent aggressive radiation treatments and, thankfully, she is now in complete remission.  Unfortunately, she has recently developed radiation colitis.  She's been told that it can happen immediately after the radiation treatments or sometimes it occurs many years later.  She was having bloody, loose bowel movements every day for several hours, starting in the morning and then they would diminish by noon or so.  That lasted for several months but now she's having them and they're lasting well into the late afternoon -- she doesn't get any relief until after 6 or 7 in the evening.  Obviously it's getting worse.  When it first started she went to a surgeon who did a biopsy and ran tests and told her that she has radiation colitis and that it could be chronic -- something she'll have to live with.  Another doctor told her to take Imodium but when she doesn't go at all and then it's difficult, it's even more painful for her given what she's been through with the cancer.  Then she went to another doctor who told her to try metamucil, miralax, colace.....she needs to slow these bowel movements down because she's losing weight and losing blood as well.  Does anyone know of a specialist who deals with type of problem in the Western Pennsylvania area?  As an alternative, has anyone experienced this and found something that helped?  I'm just trying to get some answers for a dear friend who is suffering quite badly these days....  BTW, I also posted this question in the Rectal Cancer Community -- I hope that's okay?

Thank you and God bless you all!
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