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Showing some mild symptoms of Ulcerated Colitis

HI, I am new to this forum, I have a few health issues that are, embarrassing to say the least, both in areas that are pretty the last place you would want issues. The main one is for this forum and I could dow ith some help with I am waiting for my colonoscopy. So I have IBS, stomach bloat and cramping since I was about 15, in the pasy year or so the pain and bloat has incressed and I am consistantly constipated and rarely go naturally. Recently there has been bleeding when I do go! the first time was terrible, ery heavy blood around the stool and drips inside the bowl. Went to doc immediately as my dad recently gt diagnsed with stage 4 rectal cancer so I was evidently terrified! His mam also had bowel cancer so was scared. But my mams side of the family have a long history of IBD, mam has Diverticulitis, and so does her brother, and my gran, their mother had Ulcerated colitis. The reason I fear I may have this condition is I have been passing alot of mucous also the past year, sometimes even when passing wind and recently I passed blood just passing wind. There is a long waiting list in my home city for the colonoscopy so I am anxious to see if anyone can shed some light, my doctor gave me the internal exam and there was no sign of Hemorroids or fissures,  she presumed a tear maybe as I was contipated, but a month later the blood is still coming, not heavy like the first few times, but definitly there, bright red, but sporadic. Sometimes everything is fine! My symptoms are, stomach bloat and cramps, tenderness to touch stomach in bowel area most of the time, sometimes stabbing pain in bowl area on the left side that last hours, blood and mucous in stool, and chronic constipation, always lethargic of course as the bloat in tummy can be depressing, and cannot tolerate foods like pizza or anything like that, guaranteed days of pain, pain like I have been kicked in the stomach, only way I can describe it. Does anyone have any similar things re: this. Might have another 2/3 months before colonoscopy.... LONG wait! And the whole cancer theory is still floating around there too.... Thanks
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I would do my best to find a doctor who could get the colonoscopy done sooner than 2-3 months.  That is especially important given your family history of bowel problems, including cancer.  I blog about the experiences I had with colitis and surgery. http://www.nurseguy.com/colitis-blog.html
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Some common symptoms seen in the ulcerative colitis are
Abdominal pain.
Blood in your stool.
Ongoing bouts of diarrhea that don't respond to over-the-counter (OTC) medications.
An unexplained fever lasting more than a day or two.
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I am 52 , at 43  I let out some gas and pooped myself real bad, I just thought I had diareia.  I started having urgencies to go, and some blood,It got worse for months, the urgencies became unbarable. so i had my first of 13 colonoscopies. Turned out I had proctosigmoiditis. Just a small irritation at the end of my colon, near the rectum. To make a long story short , I suffered for about 6 years with meds and reacurring problems . eventually my entire colon was inflamed. I dreaded surgury,  but I went to the lahey clinic and had a total colectomy... I just new i had to live with the bag for the rest of my life , so I dident dwell on it, once i found a comfortable bag ,it made life easier.  So 2 years went by and i still had the same urgencies that i had before surgury.  yea even without a colon.  MY rectum and annis kept getting inflamed and i still had urgecies, blood and mucus would come out. I finally had another surgery and had my annis and rectum removed. I would love to talk to someone that is going to have surgery, I think i can really help them.
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