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Small Patch of Blood in Stool.

Thank you for reviewing this question. I am a 23 year old male with no history of colon cancer, or any other medical problems in my family. A month ago I passed a very large stool that was harder and required a small amount of strain. I had been working out and was not drinking enough water, which may be what caused the stool to be harder etc. The stool came out in 3 pieces. The first piece was the largest and the one that required the straining. The 3rd piece was the one that I noticed a small amount of blood on. When I say small, imagine (or maybe not) a piece of stool that is 3 1/2 to 4 inches long and 4/5's of an inch wide. The blood was definitely brighter red, I don't know exactly what shade of red because typically anytime something red is on something brown it does not appear to be very bright, nonetheless I would say it was brighter red. The patch of blood on it was equivalent to something like a 1/2 inch square to 3/4 inch square (out of the whole stool). There was no visible blood on any other part of the stool (which makes me think the first larger stool may have tore some tissue and caused blood to come out on the last piece?). I have had no other symptoms of cramping etc. I ordered an FOBT test kit so that I can check to see if there is any occult blood, and in the event I find any take further action (Hemoccult is the brand of the kit). The predicament that I am in is, I have 2 doctors both of which are noted for their work in the area. One of which I spoke too when it happened, who knows my health history quite well, and said that it was absolutely nothing to be concerned about, given that it has only happened once and it was such a small amount. The other doctor I spoke with recommended I come in to get a digital rectal exam etc? I have no idea what to do, I believe in prevention, however, I do not know if this is necessary - this doctor tends to be over cautious. Any advice? Might I add that my stool since then has been 100% normal.
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There is nothing to worry about it.
If bowel movement cause pain lower down, then it could be due to anal fissure and can be treated with high fiber diet and sitz bath.
If no pain, then the bleeding could be due to mild tear of the lining inside due to hard stools.
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To clear that up, the  size of the amount of blood on the stool was about a 3/4 inch square, out of the entire piece of stool which was 4 inches long and about an inch wide. Note also that I had been eating peanuts etc recently. There was no blood on the toilet paper or in the water.
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The blood only appeared on the outside of that 1 particular stool.
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