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blood when defecating

When I defecate I have noticed that when I wipe I find blood.  At first it was just very little, but
today I experienced more than usual.  To avoid being constipated I take metamucil otherwise
I could go days without going.  I recently had in late summer of 07 a colonoscopy and it came
out good, it was done because I complained to my doctor about this blood when going.  

Since then and since I received the results he said it was nothing but I continue to find blood
after going and it seems to be more than usual.  

I am Hep C positive and have declined going through treatment since the % rate is still below'
50%, I have been diagnosed with IBS and changed my eating habits and DO eat more gluten
free foods, organic, etc...

Should I see another doctor, it appears no one is listening? and I am getting scared.  Please advise.
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Hi librado,
Blood while defecating is definitely not normal. It might be due to colitis, polyps, hemorrhoids or fissures.

Since the first colonscopy was normal, you need to undergo more tests -

1. USG abdomen to see if you have cirrhosis of liver since you are Hep C positive
2. Repeat Colonoscopy - as lesions could have been missed during the earlier colonoscopy. Also If you have cirrhosis of liver, you might have rectal varices, colopathy - all of which could bleed
3. Upper GI scopy to look for lesions that may bleed and pass downwards.
4. If the above are negative - then small bowel imaging should be done to look for the source of bleeding.

All these are just possibilities.

Since you find blood only while wiping and also as you are constipated, I feel that you might be having anal fissure. I would like to know whether you have pain while passing motion.
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.

- Ratnakar Kini M.D.

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