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causes of abdominal spasms

Hi...I have a history or lupus and chrons colitis.  About 5 months ago I started developing severe spasms in my lower abdominal area- kind of near my belly button area- it is unrelenting and very distressing, although at the same time there is no pain with it- it is just so unrelenting.  I get so nauseaus when it is there, which is for most of the day every day, and I have lost 12 pounds in the last 3-4 months becuase of this.  Any GI issue related to the colitis that can cause this type of a symtpom? It is like a fluttering...I had an abdominal ultrasound and catscan and all was normal.  And it is not anxiety- I know what that feels like- this is something very different. For the most part bowel movements have been normal and my colitis and lupus has been stable for quite some time.  no increase in acid reflux- just nausea, and this constant spasming feeling.  A neurologist i saw thinks I may be having an akathisia reaction from the sleeping medication I was on, however, the fact that it is focal to my abdominal area is different.  So I figured I wold ask someone who specializes in this area for an opinion as to whether any GI issues could cause this symptom.  
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