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changes in my husbands fistula

Hi, my husband had a major stroke and shortly after we discovered he had a fistula. The Dr said he is not strong enough for surgery yet and as long as he keeps draining,and is not in to much pain we can wait. My problem is he is unable to talk so he cann't tell me the pain. He has reciently stopped draining as much but he has become constipated and when he strains to go there is quite alot of blood in the camode. Is this normal? What happens if he dosen't have the surgery? What causes the fistula?
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Hi leelariah,
If left untreated, the external opening may temporarily close with a resultant recurrent abscess formation or formation of a more complex fistula. These complex fistulas often traverse deep to the external sphincter making operative repair more hazardous. Additionally, long-standing fistulas have a low but real risk of malignant transformation.

And blood in stools is definitely abnormal.
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- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
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Fistula is damn painful. Get a surgery done Immediately b4 pain kills.
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