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colitis or crohns

about 5 or 6 years ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis I ended up losing my insurance thus losing access to a Gi doctor. Years later as most of us have been forced to sign up for insurance I have reluctantly had to sign up for Obamacare. I went in and saw a GI doctor.had a colonoscopy there was lots of information but he suspects I may have Crohn's. He needs to do a CT scan of my abdomen my insurance is refusing to allow it they are saying its not medically necessary. Right now I am stuck at a standstill in pain unsure of what condition I actually have.what can I do? my doctor has tried petitioning with my insurance I have tried I seem to be getting nowhere. Is there any ideas about how I can find out what is truly wrong with me so I can get in Medicineand and be helped
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Well CT scans don't really show much when it comes to Chrons. I have chrons and it never showed up in the CT scan. My GI had to do a colonoscopy (turned up negative) and then had to do an endoscopy to look at my small intestine which was positive for chrons. So have him do an endoscopy instead. It's not as invasive or as terrible as a colonoscopy, I promise.

I find that the medicine dicyclomine helps with mild pain and if pain gets severe it helps to completely clear out (like colonoscopy prep) and stay on a liquid diet for a few days. Heating pads help tremendously with the discomfort as well!!!
Your Crohn's may have been mild. CT or MRI enterography is very good for Crohn's, especially where there is a flare. These imaging tests can show bowel wall thickening/enhancement, strictures, fistulas, and/or abscesses. There may be prominent vasa recta (arteries supplying blood to your intestines) as well as prominent fibrofatty proliferation.
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Try seeking out free clinics which may have arrangements with imaging facilities to do free or discounted imaging. If unsuccessful, explore cheaper more basic imaging tests such as fluoroscopic upper gastrointestinal series and small bowel series, which are not as good as CT but better than nothing.
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