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not sure abt getting a colonoscopy

jan 27 2011 my husband went to er after suffering for a week with slight abdominal pain in the LLQ. they did a ct scan which revealed the following: "in the left colon in the region of the descending colon and junction with sigmoid colon, there is wall thickening with adjacent inflammatory changes suggestive of diverticulitis. the possibility of an underlying neoplastic process cannot entirely be excluded. i recommend a follow up endoscopy when the patients symptoms improve." my husband followed up with his PCP after he finished his antibiotics. she recommended a second ct to see if the colon had healed. she stated if it had we might not need a colonoscopy. the second ct scan revealed the following: "mid to distal descending colon is collasped and not fully distended. there is persistent mild thickening of the wall of the mid to distal descending colon, uncertain whether it is secondary to true colonic wall thickening versus secondary to incomplete distention. the pericolonic inflammatory changes noted on prior study has resolved. the sigmoid colon is well-distensible and redundant. the bladder is unremarkable. there are small inguinal lymph nodes. there is no free fluid." to this ct scan my husbands PCP did not recomment a colonoscopy. she referred us to a gastroenterologist due to elevated liver enzymes as well as a hemangioma. she stated that there was nothing to worry abt.. and that everything is fine and she wanted us to see the GI dr so he can keep an eye on the liver. when we got to the GI dr he suggested an MRI for the liver, which we got done a few days ago. he said that everything was fine with his diverticulitis and that it might not even be diverticulitist since the inflammation had resolved but to make sure y the episode in january happened we can get a colonoscopy...which we have scheduled for may 30th. according to these findings would u recommend a colonoscopy? we dont want to get it done if its not necessary.Thank u for ur help and time
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Thickening of the colon could be due to inflammation or malignancy.
The thickening seen in the first CT scan was most probably due to inflammation                   ( diverticulitis) though malignancy could not be ruled out.
Though the symptoms improved subsequently after a course of antibiotics, the second CT was inconclusive regarding the thickening of colon.
Hence I would suggest a repeat colonoscopy.
You have not mentioned your husband's age. If it is more than 50, then go ahead with repeat colonoscopy without any second thoughts.
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