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stomach spasms

I have severe IBS and recently started belly dancing. Can belly dancing make my ibs worse?
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wrong thread lol
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Hi sorry to hear about your situation, im currently going through complete hell at the moment and still no diagnosis.
Could you tell me what test they did to find your crohns??
Ive had
Barium Enema
Barium Meal
ABdominal UltraSound
Throat Camer into stomach
Chest Xray
Nothing showing up, ive had loads green mucus and loads  loads blood in stool and on loo roll.also lost liie 2 stone in 2 weeks, my stool are very loose at time but also constipation.

Really sorry for posting on your thread its just i need to speak with someone who MAY have same situation, im worried sick it may be cancer and im only 30 with young family
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Belly dancing does not worsen IBS.
So there is no need to worry and you can carry on with your belly dancing.
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