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Blood in stool - searching for an answer?

About a year ago I started to have a change in my bowel movements. I have bowel movements mire often than I did a few years ago. I now have diarrhea on a regular basis. I had a stool sample done by the doctor (when I was at school in Idaho...I am from California) to check for bacteria, ect. But everything came back normal except for the presence of white blood cells in the stool. He wanted to do a colonoscopy but I said that I will wait it out and see how things turn out over the next few months. I didn't get any better. I was supposed to see a gastroenterologist last fall but it did not work out. Recently, I actually had visible blood in my stool. It was not on the surface but actually mixed in with the stool itself. It was also very thin in shape. This lasted for about 3 bowel movements. I have a referral to see the gastrointestinal, but they do not have any openings anytime soon. The soonest I will see them is in a out 4 months. I am just worried about my symptoms. I have also been dealing with dabilitating fatigue for the past 3 years. I know these symptoms could be related to a lot of different things. I have done A TON of research and colon cancer ALWAYS makes the most sense for what I am experiencing. How do I tell my doctor that I think I have colon cancer? Will she think I am insane or a hypochondriac? What seems like the most logical reason for my symptoms? Oh, and by the way - I am only 20 years old. Please don't think I am crazy...the reality of what I am going through is so frustrating because I have not found an answer.
Other things that I have been diagnosed with include:
- Depression
- Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
- Migraines

My grandmother has had breast cancer. Two blood related aunts have MS. Obesity runs in my family as well as diabetes. I have been tested MANY times over the years and I DO NOT have diabetes.
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4 months is unacceptable.  You need to take control and tell the doctor there is blood in your stool.  I hope by now you have seen a doctor.  Time is of the essence.  May be nothing but better to have it checked out.
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Ya - 4 month is insane.  Go to someone else.  Those kinds of symptoms do need to be at least investigated.  Since you're only 20, that highly reduces the likelihood of colon cancer, but almost nothing in life is impossible, and regardless of what it is, you have to go get it checked out asap.
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