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Colon Cancer / Colonoscopy

Ok, here's my question to the group.  I had a colonoscopy 4.5 years ago at age 42 to investigate blood on surface of stool.  Removed one very tiny stage 0 benign polyp, and saw no other issues aside from some irritation in / near the rectum.  So now I'm on the 5 year plan - due again in June.  However, for 3 or 4 weeks now I've developed daily cramping, gas, bloating, loose stools, and a general sense of being unwell or uncomfortable in my gi track.  I have a routine physical scheduled in a couple weeks, but my mind is trying to toy with the idea that "what if the colonoscopy missed something 4 1/2 years ago...."  I did go back some 2 years later for the same kind of bleeding and had a second rectal scope done (not a second colonoscopy), but again, said he just saw some irritation.  Neither he nor my primary felt it was necessary to perform another colonoscopy.
Just back to today, with my symptoms, how likely is it that they missed something, or if they didn't, how likely something bad could have developed in under 5 years?
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i doubt they missed something if u had a bad bowl prep they would send u back home and make u do it again keep in mind these doctors have been doing this for years they know what there doing
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Thanks Trey396.  Well, I guess I find out for sure next week.  After several more weeks of diarrhea, I'm headed into my second colonoscopy in 4 years.  Had a full abdominal CT scan done just after Xmas, and found nothing.  At least I discovered that Immodium helps a lot, along with some med my dr gave me to help with the cramping.  All anyone says is "must be IBS".  Maybe so, but it would be nice to know something for certain.
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