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Colon Cancer VS Peptic Ulcer

hi my name is susmita. I am suffering for stomach problems. about 8 years. I had got JAUNDICE when I was 10 years old. I was diagnosed and finally I found that I have PEPTIC ULCER. My AGE is 17+. I know it's a symptom of STOMACH CANCER. But what will I do now? I am so much frustrated.

Recently I am taking some home remedies like- FRESH JUICE of CABBAGE, GARLIC, CARROT, JUICE OF ALOE VERA. JUICE OF BANANA. Can you please tell me will this home remedies really work for this ulcer?? :-(


1. Abdominal pain (Almost every time. I don't know what is the normal condition of my belly)
2. No Vomiting
3. No Black or Starry STOOLS
4. Sometimes I face Diarrhea If I eat RICH FOODS(but I try to avoid it)
6. Headache

I think most of my symptoms are quite related with COLON CANCER. So, I want to know that is there any possibility of colon cancer from peptic ulcer?? Though I have been suffering from since 8 years but I am not getting soon. I am really worried.
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Hi.  Your symptoms do not appear to be related to colon cancer, but instead suggest to me that you suffer from either acid reflux disease and/or the irritable bowel syndrome.   Having diarrhea related to eating rich foods would support the diagnosis of the irritable bowel syndrome.  I cannot directly relate your history of an ulcer and jaundice to your symptoms now.  You are young for colon cancer.  Colon cancer can affect young patients but it is relatively rare compared to patients age 50 and above.   I would suggest that you see your healthcare provider to discuss your symptoms.  A trial of an acid-reducing medication (for example, Prilosec) would be reasonable.  Your healthcare provider will need to examine you and order some tests.  

All the best,

Frank Farrell, MD
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