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Colon Cancer

Hello, I am an 18 year old female with a very healthy lifestyle and family history. No one in my family has had colon cancer. Three months ago I was diagnosed with mono, which really brought down my whole immune system. I then had walking pneumonia. I had sinus infections in between too, which caused me to take many antibiotics. I have a severely sensitive stomach and the antibiotics ruined my stomach. Ever since than, I have been very nauseous, no energy at all, loss of appetite, and some pain in my left lower abdomen. I also suffer from anemia which significantly impacts my life. When I went to my doctor, he said that it might be an ulcer. I also had a very low hemoglobin count (due to my anemia, which isn't unheard of) and my blood pressure was very low. I was wondering if I should be worried about this and to check if it could be any type of colon cancer or if it is just the mono still affecting my system, since last blood test I took it was still in my system. Thank you!
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