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Colon cancer symptoms?

I am 30 years old female and ever since i was a baby i had real bad constipation problems, they were so bad at time that my mother had to take me to the doctor to get the stool out with some special tools they had.
All my life i've seen strides of bright red blood on my stool which was explain to me as normal due to my condition. It will get good at times usually with my three pregnancies i would not have any constipation for the entire pregnancies. I will go months to a year without noticing any blood on my stool. On my last pregnancy the doctor told me i had two hemorrhoids and that the cut she did from my vagina to my rectum to help with the birthday was quite deep and sometimes because of the straining trying to have bms i will occasionally rip where the cut was made. Well last week i was constipated for about 4 days when i finally went i strained so hard and the bm was so big that i actually felt the rip, and i bled and my rectum was on fire and sore after the bm that i cried. Well two days after that i went to the bathroom again (hadn't gone since the incident) when i went this time there was mucus and bright red stings of blood on it. This lasted about two days after the first incident and i called my doctor he says to go in next month for a check up but that he thinks is all due to my constipation problem i also have lots of grumbling in my stomach and somewhat gas like pain he thinks is due to the fact that i only empty my bowls about once or twice per week. My mom said that when i was around 7 my rectum came out from me straining.
Am concern because i dont want it to be something more serious like colon cancer.
I have no history of cancer in my family, i dont drink nor smoke, am over weight and i was diagnosed with severe depression which i think went away after the stressor/source was gone. I didnt take any anti depressants. I only take vitamins, iron (prescribed which constipates me) vitamins; D, C, B complex, B12, magnesium, fish oil, biotin and zinc
Five months ago my endocrinologist did a CBC with lipids panels and thyroids test  everything was excellent. My primary doctor did a physical checked for swollen lymphs, abdominal area, lungs sound and gave me a clean bill of health except for anxiety. Now i have an appt on Feb. 6 and I want him to send me to a GI doctor.
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     The symptoms of colon cancer are:
      Problem in the bowel movements.
      Blood seen in the stool.
      Excessive weight loss or weight gain.
      Abdominal pain.cramp.
      Bloating,gas,constipation etc.
colon cancer
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I think it's important to see a GI doctor, but I feel this is all due to your constipation.  Do you take anything like Miralax?  If not you really need to do this.  Miralax is not habit forming and it softens the stool and makes them easier to pass so you don't have to strain and keep irritating your rectum.  You may have to play around with the dosage at first but once you get it right you'll be so relieved.  I would suggest you take a large dose the first time, it can't hurt you and it will clean out any impacted stool you may have.  Also, keep your rectum clean and put vaseline on it several times a day and especially after a bowel movement...this makes it less painful while the tear heals. Drink plenty of water as well.  I hope this helps and take care.
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The symptoms of colon cancer are:-

• Stomach pain or cramps:
  Abdominal pain is often due to trapped wind.
• Fatigue:
Fatigue is a state of extreme tiredness that is usually associated with physical        
  And/or mental weaknesses
• Digestive issues:
Problems in digestion like constipation, bloating, and bowel movement
• Constipation problems:
Irregular and infrequent or difficult evacuation of the bowels (waste).
• Bloating problems:
Inflammation in stomach or gas in the stomach
• Bowel movement problem:
Uncontrollable passage of feces; Loss of bowel control; Fecal incontinence; Incontinence – bowel.
Thanks !!
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Well just went last week for my GP check up he did a rectal examination and sent me to have a CBC, Lipid panel, iron panel, UIA and a ferritin test. He also sent me to see a gastroenterologist which i went to and he also did a rectal examinations he cant see anything wrong with the naked eyes and since I only had that problem that one time he is going to do a colonoscopy on 2/13/13 to see how everything is in there. So far both my GP and my GI doctor think it was probably a intestinal infection. Wish me luck! I havent had any rectal bleeding nor abdominal discomfort ever since i stopped the  iron supplement. God Bless!!
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Good luck and God bless.  Let us know what you find out!
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Just  had my colonoscopy done WITH NO ANESTHESIA my choice! It was a breeze.  I get very bad cramps on my period so i compare the pain to that. Nothing extremely unbearable. The RESULTS! Well my colon is as clean and healthy as it can be!!! THANK YOU GOD!!! and as suspected i have an internal hemorrhoid which caused my mucus and bleeding. Besides getting and applause from the staff for my bravery I've a healthy colon!!!! GOD IS BEAUTIFUL. To those outhere dealing with any symptoms that might be a sign of any disease/illness get check, think positive and ALWAYS TRUST IN GOD!!!
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Awesome!!!  What a relief for you to know this!!
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