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Colon problems

I recently went to the Gastronterologist.. they found a large mass which they said seems to be in my Nymph Nodes near my Descending Colon, They have ordered a CT Scan and a Colonoscopy. I have had symptoms such as gas, bloating, vomiting, weight loss, (40 + pounds) severe pain in the area where the mass was found, night sweats, constapation, never feeling that I have emptied my bowels. Could this be colon cancer?

I had a Colonoscopy about 7 yrs. ago and Polups had been removed but were non cancerous.
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If you have been undergoing some surveillance for colon cancer, I would doubt that would be the problem. The mass is outside the colon, it is located near the descending colon. Most colon cancers would develop inside the intestines growing outward. I am assuming you are female, so I would think about whether this is gynecologic, whether the mass is the left ovary.
How was this mass diagnosed in the first place? Do you have any symptoms such as blood in the stool? Diarrhea? Pain?
The CT and the colonoscopy sound reasonable, get them done and keep your spirits up.  
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