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Colonoscopy Anesthesia Question

I have read that the anesthesia used for colonoscopy, Proprofol, can cause the body to excrete excessive uric acid thus causing some patients to have a gout attack afterwards.
Anyone here know of any preventative measures to take? Last colonoscopy was in 2018 and I carried a bottle of Black Cherry juice to the hospital which had always cut the attack down a lot. It is said to help flush uric acid from the body. I drank it on my way home.
This time I’m taking SUTAB the tablets for prep for the first time instead of that dreadful pink liquid. My doctor, whom is locally regarded as a genius, told me that this gout occurring after colonoscopy is caused by dehydration. He instructed me to wash those tablets down with lots of Gatorade to replace electrolytes. Drink Gatorade after the procedure also he said.
My gout attack occurred 3 days after that last colonoscopy and I so want to find a way to prevent it since my knees are affected and in in a lot of fear since I live in a place where I have no help.
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The reference to stay hydrated is new, yes. I’m going prepared since I felt the last one coming on three days after the procedure. Gout was cited as a precaution on the liquid prep. At the time I had 3 gout attacks in 3 years. No idea what was happening and not able to stand to get to a doctor. No help out where I live and husband has to work out of town. This time he’ll be home.
The advice is new, yes. Left me a bit grateful and disappointed. Why??   I spent a week in the hospital with a C-diff infection and did not hear a word about probiotics or yogurt. I used my iPhone to investigate recovery from C-diff and realized that I was dealing with standard procedure for “pill doctors”.
Wow! I made a few requests and got all the probiotic and yogurt I could handle.
Ok, everything I’m reading says stay hydrated and replace electrolytes. Why isn’t this passed on to the patient?
On the subject of sedation: I’d prefer to be out but I’m going to ask him about this.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  First, so glad you are having a coloscopy. That's such important preventative health. The recommendation by your doctor to hydrate and with something laden with electrolytes is new advice?  When you refer to your last attack, that was from a previous colonoscopy, correct?  I would follow his advice.  There are published studies that state that gout post use of this type of anesthesia are actually rare in number but I won't insult you with that as you've experienced it.  Your doctor is aware and will want to help you avoid that through his advice.

There is also something to mention.  In some countries, believe it or not, anesthesia is not the norm for the procedure. People with complications to anesthesia also go anesthesia free with success.  https://www.mayoclinichealthsystem.org/hometown-health/patient-stories/skipping-sedation-a-quicker-colonoscopy  While it may sound scary, that is an option to discuss with your doctor to avoid gout.

When is the colonoscopy scheduled for?
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