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Do i have colon cancer or some other severe condition?

Recently i travelled to cambodia for a month and about a week in i started getting really bad stomach aches, constipation, diarhea and i psswd gas constantly. This seems to have been the case for around a month now even after i returned home. My stool was skinny and seemed to fall apart and i never felt like i got it all out for a while. These pst few days i seem to be able to pass it alot easier but now its a strange shade of green despite me not eating a large amount of green pigmented foods. I get bad stomach aches and need to use the restroom almosr immedietly after eating. Should i wait and see if i get better or consult with a doctor?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Getting checked out by your doctor makes sense at this point since the problem is ongoing. Cambodia has an issue with water and recent information states that nearly half of its population does not have access to safe water.  This can affect travelers either in terms of what they drink or food preparation that requires water.  It is easy to get sick from this type of situation. However, only your doctor could determine this.  Make an appointment to see them. Most likely they will ask you to provide a stool sample that they analyze. They'll look for bacteria and/ or parasites. This is not uncommon and while unpleasant, can often be remedied.  Good hygiene on your part with such things as good hand washing after going to the bathroom will help to keep this from spreading to any family members.  

When you see the doctor, they can then determine if you warrant further evaluation for colon cancer.  While you have some of the symptoms, they are not unique to colon cancer.  You have no blood in your stool, correct? Here is information on colon cancer to review https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/colon-cancer/symptoms-causes/syc-20353669

But am more inclined to think that your issues are in relation to your trip.  Let us know what the doctors say.
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