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Flat colon polyp

I am a 39 year old female,overweight and non smoker.  I had a colonoscopy done last week where a flat polyp 30mm in size was found and tattooed.  Biopsies were taken although I havent got the results yet.  I had the colonoscopy as previously had one where polyps were found but they were NAD.  I was admitted to hospital 7 months ago with abdominal pain (not severe) loss of appetite and nausea.  The loss of appetite has continued since. I have had no weight loss - I eat when its meal times although I am not hungry.  Since the colonoscopy I have had terrible bloating.  I know that there is a high risk that the polyp is malignant and I will need a hemicolectomy but Im just wondering would the other symptoms I describe be caused by the polyp or is there something else going on.  I thought it was coeliacs disease.  I have no history in my family of colorectal cancer
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I should also add that for the previous four or five months I have had very offensive smelling stools.  No diarrhoea or constipation and no blood inmy stools.
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Hey Lindsey,
I’m guessing you may have the results by now?
My mother when she was admitted to hospital also suffered with abdominal pain, loss of appetite and nausea. The doctors told our family they believed that the intestines had twisted round... So they went into operate and found a polyp that was blocking the small intestine. That was sent off and was indeed the polyp was malignant. My mother also had no family history of colorectal cancer just history of breast cancer.
Good Luck. Hope all goes well for you.
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Hi there just to update everyone I had the polyp removed and then had a massive bleed thankfully the surgeion was able to clip the bleeding point.  The polyp was biopsied and was found to be benign.  The surgeon explained that it was at stage four and a polyp goes through five changes before it becomes malignant so I feel very blessed that it was found in time.  The symptoms that I had have have still continued so I have recently had a ct which revealed a distended bile duct.  I am awaiting review for this.  
Thankyou for your best wishes
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Hello lindsey,
Thanks so much for reporting the outcome of your procedure. I'm very, very glad to hear that your polyp was benign.  

I've just gone through a colonoscopy in which flat polyps were found. I'm very, very glad my polyps were benign.  (Now you know I have lots of empathy for your situation!)

While waiting for the biopsy results I researched flat polyps and learned that there are special procedures for removing large flat colon polyps. One such procedure is called endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR).  I'm wondering if you had this procedure; I think it would be rare to get bleeding with it if the physician is highly skilled. It seems to be done only at large hospital centers.

I don't know whether your polyp was large enough to justify EMR, but thought I would mention it since other people who are researching flat colon polyps may find this. However, I want to emphasize that I don't think you'll need it if you have regular colonoscopies and don't give any polyps a chance to get big; this is what I plan to do. If you have a strong stomach you can watch EMRs being done on youtube. My favorite introductory site for EMR is: http://www.sease.com/polyp/emr.html

Also, I learned that gastroenterologists (GIs) now have better ways to see flat polyps, which can easily be missed during a regular colonoscopy. One of these is called narrow band imaging.  I'm going to find a GI in my area who uses this procedure or other advanced procedures to spot flat polyps and ask whether they're appropriate for my future colonoscopies.

Best wishes for the future.
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