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No blood in Stool but in toliet

Hi Guys, I'm 44 male, I have blood in my stool from time to time, usually, after my poo has passed and I'm trying to get a bit more out the blood starts to come, it's very bright red and worries me a lot, I had 2 FOB tests which test for blood in the stool and both came back negative (days I had no blood in the toilet), if this was something serious would the blood be actually IN the stool or not in the stool but in the toilet, really worried right now, any advice would be great, thank you
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Hi.  So, bright red blood would mean that the source is likely near your anus and is most likely something like a hemorrhoid or anal fissure.  That would be my guess especially since you've had some stool samples. But since you are having this happen, I'd see your doctor.  Have you ever had a colonoscopy?  You're pretty young but they may want to check if you have polyps.   https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/symptoms/14612-rectal-bleeding
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No never had a colonoscopy, I have an appointment next week with my doctor and I will discuss the symptoms and see what they recommend, thank you
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