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Pain In Sigmoid and Rectum

I am 30 year old man. I have removed  a polyp from 22 cm sigmoid by colonoscopy 6 years before now I am feeling pain in my rectum and sigmoid.?
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Polyps are traditionally related to allergies and autoimmune diseases...both are effectively alleviated by a few simple changes in diet. First...no sugars for at least 30 days. Second....no processed foods, breads, pastas, cheeses, meats, cold cereals. Third your diet should consist primarily of raw nuts, green leafy vegetable, and whole grains. A little organic meat from time to time is ok but only like once or twice a week. The intestines have to work too hard to digest heavy starches and meats. For at least two weeks NO MEAT OR DAIRY and no heavy starches. If you must eat potato eat only the skin with a little real butter, grated raw garlic and sea salt. Raw garlic will burn up and clear out pretty much anything.

Don't be shy about your green leaf selection for your salads. If it's green and leafy throw it into the mix! iceberge lettuce is an excellent source of water and fiber but it's practically nutrition free. You should have at least 5 or six different types of greens in your salad from dandilion greens to spinach and everything in between. Your blood will become stronger and your immunity will improve. No fried foods...absolutely none.

Drink a great deal of carrot juice. It's loaded with calciuma nd vitamin A and calcium calms the nerves, kills pain and improves immunity. Vitamin A wards off a variety of fungus including warts and other annoying fungal troubles. Mix lemon and orange juice into the juice mixture for high vitamin C levels...also cabbage is high in vitamin C.

Eat sensibly and feel better my friend.
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hi my names michelle i dont know if im on right forum but here goes i started having abdo pain to the left side of my lower stomach but i know this wasnt pregnancy or monthlys as ive had hysterectomy anyway i got admmitted to hospital with this pain to be discharged still in pain this was febuary this year since ive found out ive a sigmoid polyp and ive blood and mucus in my stools im also very distentened in my stomach and in chronic pain ive mentioned this to the hospital but there just ignoring me im 31 years of ages and im scared  i keep getting told that polyps dont give off symtopms but ive not eaten in over 8 months due to it hurting im just wondering if any can give me advice as my hospital doctors dont care cause im not of age to have cancer  im really scared
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