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Please share your experience with colon polyps, it may help others with the condi...

...tion. - Facts and Definition of Colon Polyps                         Picture of colon cancer.     The colon is part of the large intestine that extends from the cecum to the rectum.Colon polyps most frequently are benign (noncancerous) overgrowths on the surface of the colon.Colon polyps in most people do not cause pain.When signs and symptoms of colon polyps are present, they include:Rectal bleedingAnemiaDiarrheaConstipationSome individuals also may experience other symptoms and signs.There are three major groups of colonic polyps, hyperplastic, adenomas, and those associated with polyposis syndromes (genetic).The causes of colonic polyps are unclear.Risk factors (and possible contributors to the cause of colon polyp development) are family history, diet, genetics, and older age.Gastroenterologists (doctors specializing in diseases of the digestive tract) usually diagnose and treat colon polyps.Doctors diagnose colon polyps with a test for blood in the stool, and other tests and procedures that visualize view the surface of the colon, for example, colonoscopy. During colonoscopy, through a tiny camera, doctors can see colon polyps and take biopsies of tissue to help diagnose polyps, and possibly confirm benign, pre-cancerous, or cancerous polyps.Medical treatment of colon polyps is limited to possibly nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and/or aspirin, removal of the polyps by a colonoscope via colonoscopy, or by a surgeon that can cut out (colon resection) various sections of the large bowel, and thereby remove multiple intestinal polyps.
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I was quite frightened when I was told they had found something on colonoscopy. I was told afterwards I would be referred to colorectal surgeons. I was surprised as it was not what I expected. However, these colon polyps were later removed by a follow up surgeon. I had a slight discomfort afterwards. Very relieved they are benign. They will tell you this at the time. The histology will take 6 to 8 weeks. Don't worry.
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I had bleeding in stool for a few months. I have also suffered with piles since a teenager. They were not continuously problematic, and with a little bleeding, but very sore at times. I thought the blood in the stool was again piles problems. But the blood was more maroon colored, and was a daily observation, but no pain other than the piles with some bright red blood more like the color and liquid that would mostly float in the water unlike the darker blood. I had 5 polyps removed, and one had cancer.
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