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Pooping mucus

Hi, i am a 35yr old female. I had my gallbladder remove about 8yrs ago.

Ok so i have never a had regular pooping cycle. when i was younger sometime i would go once or twice a week and that was normal to me.as i aged i noticed that i woild become very bloated be nothing that i could not handle. Now this past year it has become very bad. I have heart burn very bad. I have been having pain in my lower right stomach for about 6 months. I recently started haveing sharp pains in my upper left side/stomach and it sometime travel downwards (about 2mos)
So the part that is really has me worried is for about a week now i have been pooping a large amount of mucus. More then normal and my poop size is small (not the amount of poop) and i have pressure in my butt. There is not any blood! Thank God! But i cant even hold food down when ever i eat like 30 min to an hour i am pooping mucus. If i dont eat i am fine. This has only been going on for about one week. Is is very alarming. I recently had 2 aunt pass away due to late stage colon cancer. I do not have anal sex. Any help or insight would be great. I do not have health coverage i am trying to wait for open enrollment
My aunt had stomach pain and pooped mucus i know i am young but it is not unheard of
Thanks guys
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With your family history and symptoms, you should definitely see a GI to get a colonoscopy done ASAP.  May not be cancer, but could be colitis, IBD, ...
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