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Rectal cancer 10 week checkup

Ok, after the scarey diagnosis of rectal cancer on Feb 21 following  colonoscopy, then a CT scan to check for spread (there was none) a consultation with a rectal surgeon and an oncologist with blood work.....finally the day of the rectal endoscopy ultrasound to determine if there was any spread to lympth nodes, and to see the depth of the polyp and do the staging. But good news! No spread to lympth nodes and as for the depth; it had’t gone beyond any tissue or muscle so the rest of the polyp was cleanly removed. The doctor was very pleased. He came in saying Good News! We got it! Apparently no stage! I was sent on my way with instructions to come back for a lower sigmoidoscoopy in 10 weeks. No one will really tell me why I’m doing this so I still have quite a bit of anxiety over this. Also on my online patient portal I keep getting emails to check for new test results (all from the oncologist) When I go there the blood work results are there, all good, but there are two dates there that say “there is no component information for this result”. One is dated the day of the ultrasound and polyp removal by the other doctor and the other is for an ultra sound dated 6 days after that (which is not something I was scheduled for and wouldn’t have done anyway after just having had one. I’ve had results in the past that have that no component results remark. What the heck does that even mean? I’m too chicken to call oncologist office, he was talking 6 months chemo and radiation before we even had the last good news test done.
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Hello! Well, that is wonderful news regarding no staging or spreading!  We are very pleased to hear that.  Hopefully you have touched base with your doctor regarding the confusion over the information in your health portal.  That wording usually means that the doctor hasn't received the full report to comment.  Please let us know how things are going.
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