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SUTAB pills: very hard to swallow

I have a hard time swallowing large pills and am curious if I could coat each pill with a drop of salad oil or cooking oil. Just enough to make it slippery. My pharmacist has no idea.
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Hi, JeannieKatherine, I hope you got an answer to your question. One thing I've come across that seemed useful (and somehow not as obvious as it is in retrospect), is to cut the pills in half.

I was told by my GI nurse that the reason my HMO does not recommend broth during the last 24 hours before the procedure (when you're on a clear liquid diet) is because of the fats that are often in broth. I don't know if oil would qualify although it's a fat, because I don't know if oil solidifies in the colon. (It seems like it wouldn't.) But it is worth asking the doc if you're ever in this spot again when prepping for a colonoscopy. There are also liquid preparations you can take instead of Sutab, but they are unpleasant for other reasons and a lot of people would take Sutabs instead if they had the choice.

Here are some other tips for taking Sutab pills. You're not the only one that finds pills hard to swallow!


Again, I'm sorry you didn't get an answer at the time. This would be for other people who might have the same issue, and for you if you have to do another colonoscopy soon. Hope you don't!
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