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Sutab dissolve??

Can you dissolve Sutabs( like 6 at a time) in applesauce and take a tsp at a time, for people who have a hard time swallowing huge tablets? Thanks
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Not applesauce, since at that point in the prep you are required to be on a clear liquid diet. You could cut the Sutabs in half if they are too big to swallow comfortably. If you know in advance that pills are a problem for you, there are also liquid preparations that you can drink, but in general that's by prescription from your doctor, or at least in consultation with him. If this is the last minute, you might not be able to get advice from the doc, though you could try calling the GI unit and see what they recommend.

It's been a while since this question was written, but since someone else might be looking up this question, here would be my suggestions. If you're in the last 24 hours of the prep and don't have any way to get any other clean-out stuff from your pharmacy, and you're stuck with the Sutabs and find them hard to swallow, first try the cutting-in-half suggestion above. It would also likely be OK to put the prescribed doses of Sutabs directly into what you are drinking rather than chase them with swallows of water, but crushing them is not recommended (probably because they think you would lose some of the Sutab if you do, and you need the full dose). If you drink the Sutabs with 7-up or another soda, be sure to shake it so it isn't fizzy any more, but at least it's sweet and that helps. There's also iced tea, white grape juice, "Sunny Delight," and the like (avoiding the colors of red, orange or blue, of course).  I have heard of one person who had trouble swallowing pills who mushed up some (non dairy!) lemon ice, and mixed her pills into it two at a time and ate it all with a spoon in the prescribed time frame. But again, no applesauce, pudding, ice cream or other dairy, nor anything thick, to wash the pills down. What you're aiming for is not to add anything solid, fatty or fibrous to your colon now. The only thing worse than doing the clean-out in the first place is having to do it over again because material was still in there. Once is plenty!

I know the prep isn't fun, but if you do colonoscopies every ten years after age 45, you will never be at risk of getting colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is one of the biggest cancer killers there is, because people don't know they have it. Fortunately, it's a slow-growing cancer, and the doctors know what to look for (like polyps, which they can remove before they ever turn cancerous).  Prevention is worth a bazillion dollars worth of later treatment. Good luck with the last 24 hours of prep, have a good nap during the procedure, and I hope you get a great result.

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